Cemeteries are passed down from generation to generation and are constantly being redesigned. Our Association faces the challenges involved and at the same time seeks to protect essential elements of contemporary cemetery culture.

Dialogue is important to us. We would like to continuously recognise your requirements for cemeteries and take them into account in future concepts. So please answer the following questions.

Declaration of consent in accordance with data protection for a survey on the topic of “funeral culture”

On the following pages we would like to ask you a few questions on the subject of “funeral culture”. The aim of our survey is to continuously identify and better evaluate your demands on cemeteries. The collection of data is absolutely anonymous and will not be passed on to third parties. You can participate in this survey without giving your name. Registration is not required for participation.

Even with a survey, you have the right to information and deletion of your personal data in accordance with data protection vis-à-vis the information carrier, provided that you have provided this. You can revoke this declaration of consent at any time. Please contact the following email address: After revocation, your data will be deleted and kept inaccessible.

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